Monday, 29 September 2014


"We are creative, we are individual, we are strong" - a respectably poised mission statement from a brand that one day could easily be an 'It' staple in the accessory wardrobes of fashionistas nationwide. Forget Me Knots is one to watch with it's debut AW14/15 collection boasting printed scarves that are 100% silk crepe back satin. Yes, that means lustrous and floaty.

If you're not already convinced, which you should be, the scarves have serious art cool credential. The imagery is inspired by the natural world, pairing silhouettes of tropical palms and fruits with the muted tones of the much loved English countryside. Mirrored photographs, which are then digitally printed onto the scarves, challenge symmetry (because who didn't want to throw the chalkboard duster at the wall during primary maths?) The result: pineapples, modern prints a la Mary Katranzou and investment credentials with the pieces starting from £40. I'll take the one with the Pineapple, please!

Thursday, 25 September 2014


Provided you have Facebook or a mobile or the internet, you've probably seen or heard of the fantastic speech Emma Watson recently gave on behalf of the UN's He For She campaign. Beyond her super slick ponytail and structural, white suit dress, (which I must admit, was what led me to click on the video in the first place) more importantly, was her message: a call to arms for the solidarity movement towards gender equality. Feminism was the word "this Harry Potter girl" turned eloquent spokeswoman was trying to reclaim. I am a feminist. She is a feminist. You should be too, whether man or woman. Because, by definition, it isn't all bra burning, male bashing fury but a simple advocation of equality. A woman and a man in the same position should earn equal pay. A woman should be given the right to make choices regarding her own body just as her male counterparts can do for theirs. A woman and a man should jointly support the movement to level the playing field. For our sisters, our mothers, our daughters. So, call your brothers, your fathers, your sons to the movement and, if it's the word that scares them, call them Advocates of Humanity because, without one half, the other would be very much alone.

And, if like me, you've already got plans to convince your boyfriend/best friend/awesome male companion to sign the He For She commitment - there's always also the idea of coordinating outfits as a bonus sign of solidarity:
He For She. His & Hers.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


For the Instagram aficionados among us, a new account to follow is as good as an early birthday present. So, the discovery of @quayaustralia's envy inducing social collage has sparked the beginning of a new smartphone obsession for me. With the coolest customers (they count MUA @Chrisspy, model Shay Mitchell and Jessie J as loyal consumers), cutting edge designs and affordable prices - they appeal to the sunglasses hoarder in me. You can snap up a pair on Asos or directly from their website but, if you're biding your time before payday, have an insta-stalk instead!

And for those of you with only a minute browse, here are my top picks!
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