Friday, 29 January 2016


Girl's Kick Butt Sticker Pack, £10

It's #FabFridayyyyyy! Which means: Number 1) The weekend is in 5 hours, 2) It's payday weekend and 3) I'll be listing my top 5 fash bits you really shouldn't be living without every Friday for the foreseeable future. Brill! What more could you need than an excuse to work off the week's worry with a little post paycheck therapy (for as little as £4, mind you)?

This week I've selected my favourite whimsical accessories from none other than the eccentrically tongue-in-cheek cool kids at Skinny Dip London. Think fairy dust meets teenage wall collage with a hefty helping of cartoon magic and a pinch of get me?

Thursday, 28 January 2016


Since the era of glitter pop, roller disco birthday parties and marabou feather scrunchies - i.e. circa 9 years old - the essence of girl power has always been apparent to me. Whether it was the Spice Girls tearing up London in their double decker bus, the Pink Ladies shimmying across my TV via VCR or C. Diaz and the girls kicking bad guy butt as the reinvented Charlie's Angels, glamorous girl gangs have been inspiring the boss babe in me since I was a youngling. Whilst I won't be showing my appreciation by joining a throng of knife wielding thugs anytime soon - I will be showing off my female ferocity in these sassy snags from High Heels Suicide. Can I get a fist pump?

Sunday, 10 May 2015


If you've had access to wifi connection over the last 3 weeks, you've probably seen, heard and maybe even participated in the Beach Body Debate that was sparked by that bright yellow ad campaign seen plastered across stations and trains in London. The advert featured a bikini clad model with the slogan 'Are You Beach Body Ready?' and advertised a collection of weight loss shakes and pills sold by the popular company Protein World. And it turns out that people were pretty upset by it.

For the most part, people cried foul saying that the advertisement objectified women and advocated body shaming so they reacted by vandalising the model's photograph and shaming her body on the internet instead. Touché. Personally, I wasn't offended by it but the controversy generated by that 3 week ad campaign has got me thinking about what this really means for fashion.

The Size 0 issue has been an elephant in the room for years and years when it comes to runway shows and fashion advertising. Though a not so revolutionary wave of health-before-aesthetic concerns saw more brands and fashion houses encouraging models to eat before shows and give up the painful quest for size nothing, it is commonly known that most fashion models are still far thinner than the one featured in the Protein World advert. But with people demonstrating such fervent anger, distaste and upset for the display of a healthy female figure on an advertisement - does this mean that fashion can expect an upcoming onslaught for featuring even smaller models too?

In my opinion, this may mean that the Creative Directors and Marketing Execs of fashion's front line will have to be a lot more careful about the way that they present the aspirational 'It Girl' going forward. It seems that people are fed up of feeling "attacked" for being who they are - even if that is unhealthy or overweight. But will this change the face of fashion completely? Of course not. Models will still be thinner than they should be and advertisers will still continue to exclude some shapes and sizes when presenting the aspirational ideal. They just might get vandalised for it.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Untitled #75

Feat. Acne, MM6, Celine, Balenciaga, Marley of London, Giuseppe Zanotti

Lately, I have been so inspired by the colour khaki and just about everything that goes with it.

Thursday, 5 February 2015


Kendall & Kylie for Pacsun

Exciting news for the Kardashian aficionados out there: Kendall and Kylie Jenner, the younger and arguably edgier members of the clan, have confirmed that they will be designing a line for Topshop, which is pretty, frigging brilliant! If their effortlessly cool street style and kudos worthy Pacsun collaborations are anything to go by, we're in for masterclass in grungy glamour and I personally cannot wait.

Sunday, 1 February 2015


I've been obsessed with fashion illustration since the beginning of time - a glamorous, mystical unicorn reminding me of my clear lack of aptitude in the pencil wielding arts. While my lopsided stick figures fail as epically as Justin Bieber's attempt at a bleached barnet, talented illustrators continually capture my heart with their beautiful encapsulations of the undying allure of clothing. But this week it is my dear friend Laura Gulshani's delicate approach to sartorial art that's inspiring me to play with colours and texture more. Her mixed media illustrations will make you want to buy a capsule wardrobe of pop colours pronto and who can say no to motivational content? Everybody needs a little push now and then, even when shopping. That's the kind of positive energy you need in your life.


Wednesday, 15 October 2014


New to the list of up and coming designers in collaboration with the high street giant, Marques' Almeida debuted a 68 piece capsule collection with Topshop on Thursday 9th October, 2014. The assortment of signature frayed denim, slinky silk and colour-pop sheepskin was allegedly heavily influenced by the 1990s and the "youth code of dressing". Its clean, simplistic silhouettes make it effortlessly modern and a note of urban androgyny render the pieces timelessly versatile. Plus, the presence of quirky accessories make the collection spiritedly young. For more information on the designers' inspiration, click here.

My key picks:

Monday, 29 September 2014


"We are creative, we are individual, we are strong" - a respectably poised mission statement from a brand that one day could easily be an 'It' staple in the accessory wardrobes of fashionistas nationwide. Forget Me Knots is one to watch with it's debut AW14/15 collection boasting printed scarves that are 100% silk crepe back satin. Yes, that means lustrous and floaty.

If you're not already convinced, which you should be, the scarves have serious art cool credential. The imagery is inspired by the natural world, pairing silhouettes of tropical palms and fruits with the muted tones of the much loved English countryside. Mirrored photographs, which are then digitally printed onto the scarves, challenge symmetry (because who didn't want to throw the chalkboard duster at the wall during primary maths?) The result: pineapples, modern prints a la Mary Katranzou and investment credentials with the pieces starting from £40. I'll take the one with the Pineapple, please!

Thursday, 25 September 2014


Provided you have Facebook or a mobile or the internet, you've probably seen or heard of the fantastic speech Emma Watson recently gave on behalf of the UN's He For She campaign. Beyond her super slick ponytail and structural, white suit dress, (which I must admit, was what led me to click on the video in the first place) more importantly, was her message: a call to arms for the solidarity movement towards gender equality. Feminism was the word "this Harry Potter girl" turned eloquent spokeswoman was trying to reclaim. I am a feminist. She is a feminist. You should be too, whether man or woman. Because, by definition, it isn't all bra burning, male bashing fury but a simple advocation of equality. A woman and a man in the same position should earn equal pay. A woman should be given the right to make choices regarding her own body just as her male counterparts can do for theirs. A woman and a man should jointly support the movement to level the playing field. For our sisters, our mothers, our daughters. So, call your brothers, your fathers, your sons to the movement and, if it's the word that scares them, call them Advocates of Humanity because, without one half, the other would be very much alone.

And, if like me, you've already got plans to convince your boyfriend/best friend/awesome male companion to sign the He For She commitment - there's always also the idea of coordinating outfits as a bonus sign of solidarity:
He For She. His & Hers.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


For the Instagram aficionados among us, a new account to follow is as good as an early birthday present. So, the discovery of @quayaustralia's envy inducing social collage has sparked the beginning of a new smartphone obsession for me. With the coolest customers (they count MUA @Chrisspy, model Shay Mitchell and Jessie J as loyal consumers), cutting edge designs and affordable prices - they appeal to the sunglasses hoarder in me. You can snap up a pair on Asos or directly from their website but, if you're biding your time before payday, have an insta-stalk instead!

And for those of you with only a minute browse, here are my top picks!

Monday, 11 August 2014


When it comes to statement dressing on a high street budget, there are a handful of stores that spring to mind. Edgy, vibrant and above all affordable - who knew student loans weren't a feasible shopping fund? - is the ethos of my go to spending spots and my wallet thanks me for it. So, without further ado, here is my August edit of high street heroes. Don't be surprised when your purses break out into a rendition of Handel's Hallelujah and you come down with a terrible case of Want Want Want Syndrome!

August Want List // High Street Edit
1. Ashish x Topshop 'Follow Me @' Cotton T-shirt, £40 Topshop
2. Laurinka Pineapple Bodysuit,,£12 Missguided
3. Kiki Pink Chunky Platforms, £17
4. Lilac Feather Bag, £30 River Island
5. Floral Wrap Crop Top, £13 New Look
6. White Vow London Sunglasses, £50 River Island
7. 3D Floral Lace Midi, £80 River Island
8. Flower Hair Band, £7.99 H&M
9. Brandi Yellow Platform Sandals, £28
10. Liquorish Floral Statement Necklace, £55 £32 Asos
11. Nyx Cosmetics Butter Lipstick in Razzle, £11


Friday, 8 August 2014


Calling all my US readers, I have a special something for you. This is worth more than unexpected flower deliveries, cupcakes when you're ill and 'Beer and Chinese' night. It's better than Buck's Fizz on your birthday, stuffing at Christmas and tearing open gift wrap to find exactly what you wanted without even having to hint. Yes, is the icing on the cake for you see, dear friends, is the solution to those gifts you didn't want. No, it can't replace the swamp green snood your grandmother knitted you last Easter but it can make use of the unwanted gift card your brother bought on Christmas Eve. $50 voucher for Home Depot and a disinclination for DIY? Sell it for cash. On the other hand, the $30 slipped into your graduation card could buy you a discounted gift card from Victoria's Secret, Sephora and many other brands. With the summer in full swing, there's money to be made and money to be saved so has asked me to share a perfect summer outfit - equipped with this season's essentials - to help you make sure your money's well spent. You can thank me later!'s Summer Beachwear Campaign

Feminine Kimono, Plimsoll Pumps, Statement Sunnies, Casual Cami, 
Turban Headband , Friendship Jewellery, Luxe Backpack,
 Denim Cutoffs
P.s. Those of you worldwide, you are not forgotten. Keep your eye on this space as Raise is looking to expand!

Saturday, 2 August 2014


I've always been one for the imagination - a smattering of self made collages, creative narratives and ambitious bucket lists peppering my childhood - so, when contacted me with the proposition of joining the #MyVegasStyle challenge, it was one I could hardly resist. The task? To share a day's worth of dream looks for a stay at the Aria Resort & Casino and, when we're talking theoretical, I'm not one to scrimp on the dazzling details. So, let's just say I'm a glamorous, AMEX-wielding wanderer with a penchant for short-lived city breaks - here's a sneak peak into my wardrobe. It's all true after all, except for the AMEX part.

9AM: From Boarding Gate to Bath
Nothing screams departure hall like bloodshot eyes and the wrong side of bedhead hair, especially when your 6-inch heeled boots and leather skinnies are publicly rearing their ugly heads as terrible travel wear. Look #1, on the other hand, is the essence of fashionable comfort seeing me through to a 1 Bedroom Penthouse - transferred by the included limousine and private "elevator" - to take a well earned soak in the whirlpool tub. It doesn't hurt that I can catch up with E! News on the 20-inch TV.

#MyVegasStyle Look 1

Thursday, 29 August 2013


Ok, so the last time I wore a slogan tee I'm pretty sure I was 14. If we're pushing it, maybe 15. In fact, it was with horror that a couple of months ago I discovered an old, green travesty folded unobtrusively in the bottom of my wardrobe - emblazoned on the front of it were the words 'SHOPPING IS BETTER THAN BOYS'. Cringe.

You see, tongue in cheek t-shirts lost their novelty in the ball park of about 5 years ago. What was once the coolest way to let the world know that you are in fact made of 'Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice' has now been replaced with Facebook, Twitter and just about every other Internet supported means of updating the world with every last detail of your life. Slogan t-shirts make me think only of Stag Dos and Girls on Tour team vests in Malia.

BUT with talkative tees popping up all over the high street, I think I've come down with the feisty fever. Yes, they may be just as squirm-worthy as my alliteration but they're just the right amount of ironic to have something of the nonchalant New Yorker about them or the pouty-faced Parisian who was clearly born cooler than you'll ever be. And who doesn't want to ooze apathetic? Remember, nobody smiles at Fashion Week.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

GETTING JIGGY WITH IT: Royal Babies vs. Riotous Raving

As much as I am pleasantly delighted for our Prince Wills and Kate, what with them having a new royal son to welcome to Buckingham Palace, I can't help but accept that the ensuing hysteria has been all but lost on me since the announcement yesterday. They're wonderful creatures, babies. Especially when they're not yours and you get to hold them, cooing in delight, until your 5 minute slot is over and you can return to your normal childless duties. So, it is understandable that it seems the whole nation is simultaneously sighing at the thought of a little sovereign prince in a little silky cot. However, it did occur to me that - after witnessing countless displays of baby stalking - we are all investing ourselves far too heavily in a little boy that happens to be just like any other (bar the very large exception of his royal title) and was, in fact, made the same way *cue stifled giggles*. Ok, so maybe picturing the little lad's conception isn't the best way to go about it either but, if we're going to be untiringly chatting about the direct result of some regal rumpy-pumpy, I know which way I'd rather be getting jiggy with it. Babies and blankets are all good and well but I'll stick to throwing shapes on the dance floor.

So, although we still don't know whether we'll be treated to a bank holiday BBQ or not (we may have to make that an indoor affair if the storming doesn't stop), here's my pick of's top 5 party heels. If we don't get to cradle the baby for all of this enthusiasm, we at least deserve a celebratory shop!

1. Black Spiked Heels, £54.95
2. Flouro Pink Wedges, £44.95
3. Neon Lime Courts, £42.95
4. Nude Studded Heels, £44.95
5. Colour Block Chunky Heels, £259.95

Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Ever heard of Anna Lomax? She's got one of those names that rolls off the tongue and makes you feel like surely you've met her before - in an East London underground club or on the streets of Brick Lane - even though you probably haven't. But it's not the plausible sense of deja vu that makes Ms Lomax so unforgettable it's her art pieces, an amalgamation of bizarre influences from pound shops and junk to today's pop culture. The South London illustration graduate has already racked up an impressive client list since her transition into the professional world in 2007, including Nike, Topshop, Selfridges and Garage Magazine.

Her pieces are fantastic, seriously cool. They seem to make no sense at all but make complete sense entirely. A modern Alice-in-Wonderland-whimsical spin on everyday objects and the world today. I think that what I love so much about her work is the fashion influences. Her art is aesthetically pleasing from the point of view of inspiration - like it belongs on some kind of mood board, a fashion students dream, alongside conceptual pictures of buildings and blooming flowers. It's not the kind of art you pay an extortionate price for, hang in your front room and pay no notice to from thereon forward - a symbol of status and wealth rather than an eye for the fantastical. It's the kind of art that makes you want to put on that fuchsia lipstick because Why not, it's a Wednesday? It's the kind of art that makes you want to wear neon trousers to work because casual Friday should be every day. Ultimately, it's my kind of art. And, since I'm an outspoken, opinionated Loudmouth, it should be your kind of art too. Just saying.


Monday, 10 June 2013


My love affair with Missguided continues. After seeing their hotter than hot Project Ibiza campaign, I'm all revved up for summer. Who doesn't want to parade around and pose amongst smoke bombs on a sexy Balearic island? I for one am wholeheartedly for those kinds of activities. Although I will not be sunning myself on the white isle this year, I will be looking to the Missguided edit for fashspiration. A little tanning oil and a prime spot in Hyde Park will do just as good.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

This season I'm pioneering 3 key trends: oriental flair, neon pop and urban cool. I'm thinking floaty kimono style jackets, sports jerseys and super stunning maxis. So, here's my edit from the go to brand for all of you darlings and divas out there. If you're looking for insta-cool, you're looking in the right place.

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