Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I'm majorly style crushing right now. As in, wide-eyed, heart thumping, mondo crushing on Jessica Virgin of eclectic fashion blog Vintage Virgin. There is nothing I love more than a fierce and fearless fashionista who has no qualms about showing the world that it isn't just celebrities who stomp the streets like a runway. If she ever wears track suit bottoms and spends the evening in with womankind's best friends Ben and Jerry, you wouldn't know.

Friday, 17 May 2013


Cruel is the mistress of life. It is only when she sees you broke and penniless that she plants the seed of undying lust to twist and turn in your mind like a steel-bladed turbine. A time when you are most vulnerable and susceptible to buy whatever you want because really you 'need to catch a break'. Then there's the 'Limited' effect - the cloaked dagger in every retailer's tool kit. Throw in the words 'limited edition' and everybody's in a frenzy. You have to have them because you may never get the chance to again and, surely, you will regret this for the rest of your life, reflecting bitterly from behind your bifocals long after your golden days are through. If you don't buy them now, you'll never get them and how could you let the best thing that's potentially ever happened to you sale (excuse the pun) straight out of your life?!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Don't you love when you get a new follower on Twitter? For a second you get that mini rush, a virtual upvote of acceptance from a fellow web explorer. I love it even more when that follower leads me to find really cool t-shirts with Lana Del Rey's face on it. Need I say more?

Prand is a French brand that, until two days ago, was completely unknown to me. It's a cool little E-Shop with something of the skateboard hipster about it (minus the the battered Vans and petulant attitude). Apparently loads of French celebrities wear it and the Swedish House Mafia too. Cool. But before we have a Mean Girls 'army pants and flip flops' moment, it's the awesome prints that have got me wishing I had discovered them earlier.

The Lana and Frank Ocean tops are affordable (and French) and are perfect paired with high-waisted denim and fringed leather for a festival cool look (and French). Debit cards at the ready.

Monday, 13 May 2013


When you find a pair of shoes that fits - literally as well as embodying your personality in a perfectly bound amalgamation of leather and rubber - it feels like the heavens have opened above you and marshmallow rainbows are raining down in heady abundance. I exaggerate not.

Shopping for shoes, in an age where there are enough options to make your head spin in one or two shops alone, can be a nightmare and a half. They're too expensive, too small, too tight, bad quality, the wrong shade of chartreuse. Sometimes by the time you've made your way out of the shop, clambering for air on the bustling high street, the freshly purchased shoes seem more like a burden than anything - a bitter reminder of the claustrophobic cinch shared with half of the other shoppers on the planet. That's why, when you find the right ones, it's like an angel has hugged you. I do not lie.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Last night, I discovered Dina Goldstein, a fantastic photographer and notable innovator when it comes to emotive imagery. I stumbled upon her work almost by accident, it was one of those little pop ups on a comedy thread I had unwittingly found myself reading off the back of a university advice column. Labelled 'The Reality of Barbie's Life at Home' and laden with bright pink imagery, I decided to give it a flick through. There were only 3 images and I was left wanting to know more, what happens to Barbie? Never did I think I'd be spending my Tuesday night frantically trying to figure out whatever became of the plastic pin-up but, nonetheless, I traced the photos back to their original source via many a diversion.

The series of photos are dark and comic, portraying a perfect woman with a perfect life and an equally as perfect husband. Except there's this one thing - Ken prefers the company of men. As you flip through the photo set, your smile gradually melts away and you can feel your heartstrings tightening as you follow Barbie's disintegration into depression and madness. The reality of perfection is far from flawless.

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