Thursday, 25 October 2012


For the past month or two, I've been completely consumed by my Visual Studies project at university. The brief? To create a mood board, research booklet and AW12 campaign image for any chosen brand. I chose to do Givenchy menswear after being completely enchanted and beguiled by the gothic romantic collection - appealing to my inner menace to find some leather and a dark room stat. Now that the shoot's finished, there's an unfortunately large stress-shaped hole in my life - a girl's got to have something to whine about, you know - so I thought I'd reminisce by sharing some of the photos with you.


Tuesday, 23 October 2012


If you haven't yet heard of the British born fashion photographer, you're either a hermit, some form of media averse recluse or in need of some serious help. Nonetheless, you would recognise his work, which has appeared in almost every edition of Vogue for over a decade. Still lost? Well, he's the genius behind Mulberry's most recent ad campaign for one - inspired by the fantastical Where the Wild Things Are children's books - and the cutesy Dior Addict commercial that used none other than B. Bardot as it's muse.

In short, he's a photographic genius. Go and see his exhibition. See it or regret it (and, when I say regret, I mean a date with a box of Kleenex and your best friends Ben and Jerry). Enough said.

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