Saturday, 29 September 2012


It's been a hectic 2 weeks, what with me making my move from London to Birmingham to begin life as a Fashion Business & Promotions student at BIAD. From the torturous affliction of having to narrow down my shoe wardrobe to the exasperating struggle of finding the perfect outfit for the first day, I've been swept off of my feet in the commotion of turning over a new page in life. Nonetheless, that was never going to stop me turning the institutional, empty shell that was my accommodation into a haute hub I could call home. 

Starting with the desk, the attention was all in the detail. Adding familiar touches such as a framed picture, a souvenir from this summer's trip to Thailand and magazines. I couldn't resist putting my gravity defying high heels on display either - naturally, just so I can gloat over the fact that I've actually managed to walk in them.

Throughout the room, fashionable details - like a sequin cat mask I picked up in Monsoon and a bedazzled jewellery box - warm up the room.

Then comes my favourite part: the bed. A lilac damask duvet cover from Argos offers just the right degree of lightness and femininity. On the other hand, a floral quilt - woven by my Great Aunt Margaret - adds a bavarian feel and toughens up it's girly counterpart.

Lastly, a tablecloth bought at a Thai market makes a great cover for an otherwise boring desk chair.

So, what do you think? Will you be revamping your university rooms this year? Leave your comments in the box below or tweet me with your pictures.

Saturday, 8 September 2012


So, you may have noticed the lack of a post yesterday. Today, there won't be much fancy writing in this one. Put down your torches and pitchforks, I'm a very busy lady you see. Today is the day that I'm uprooting myself from London - my birthplace and home for many years - and moving up to Birmingham. Of course, I'll still be commuting down on a regular basis, what with friends, family and fashion beckoning, but the next 3 years of my life will be based mainly in the UK's second largest city.  By Monday, I'll officially be a Fashion student at Birmingham City University - mega yay! Thus, I'm flitting about like a headless chicken, crying over my restricted wardrobe of shoes, trying (but failing) to drag my 1,000 ton suitcases down the stairs and into the car and desperately hoping I haven't forgotten anything (is it bad that the first thing I thought to chuck into the car was my magazines?).

Nevertheless, there's nothing a good, old picture book can't solve - if it's good enough for a hyperactive toddler - so here are some snaps of my very first Fashion's Night Out in London on Thursday, which I attended with fashion photographer and blogger Andrea Coper.

Leather Jacket - H&M
Dress - Topshop (sale)
Handbag (just seen) - The Night Bazaar, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Stop. Read. Tweet it.

Call everyone you know - hell, work your way through the Yellow Pages if need be - and build yourself a little substantially large, theatre-loving clan (hipster glasses and dickie bows optional). Innovative theatre group Stepping Stonez is currently presenting their newest work The Waiting Room at The Lost Theatre in Vauxhall and you won't want to miss it.

As a fairly young production company, young pertaining to their 4 transient yet triumphant years in the industry, I have to admit that Stepping Stonez was completely unknown to me up until last week. This is a fact at which I (inwardly) shudder with deep regret. Think of all the plays missed, the impactful artistry that has been conspicuously lurking under the radar only because the world hasn't yet taken notice. Now shudder with me. But, before you lose all faith in the state of the universe, there is hope yet.

Running from the 28th August to September 16th, The Waiting Room - brainchild of Serge Rashidi-Zakuani - has already been described as a 'chair gripping drama'; a notion with which I don't disagree. It certainly seizes you, enthralling you in a web of aggression, confusion and fiery hilarity.

To the unfocused eye, the play may appear to be simply a call to arms. Seize the day! Carpe Diem! Overused clich├ęs for an overtired audience. Well, to that I can only reply, Should've gone to Specsavers, for it's so much more than that. Undoubtedly, it's a study of human behaviour. A stylised anthropological inquisition - not quite heightened realism but certainly a clash between naturalistic acting and the traditional use of the Greek Chorus. In simpleton's terms, it's exciting. Cinematic, believable and wholly surreal at the same time.

Opening to 'Try Again' by Aaliyah, the piece immediately throws you into an urban world - modern, somewhat broken and dominated by today's youths. This is only fitting as the boisterous young adults Jermaine and Ade and Jess and Sophie dominate most of the conversation. The dapper Lawrence and peace-making Gary remain withdrawn, if not averse, to the deportment and values of their counterparts.

In fact, the theme of the old world vs. the new factors heavily. The wealthy bankers, brokers, etc that consider themselves the victims against the angry, unscrupulous young generation that have soured and blemished society as we know it today. A young generation that brand the oldies - for lack of a better word - 'political wolves in sheep's clothing', selfish ignoramuses that have left their mess for us to clean up. Not your cup of tea? Well, they address the role of women in society too as well as the effect of the media - what with the agitated patients constantly being watched by an eerie looking gaggle of whispering entities - to name a few more motifs.

If you're not gripped by the interwoven themes, you will certainly be totally transfixed by the twists and turns and taken aback by the unexpected ending.

In a series of unanswered then answered questions, The Waiting Room presents one question conclusively: Do we make so much noise that our thoughts can't be heard? Do we? Personally, I think yes and SRZ's piece - as he is more fondly referred to on the leaflet - makes this inexorably more obvious.

So, what would I rate it? Out of 10, I'd give it an 8. Yes, there were moments where the acting slipped into one-level territory and the comic timing was patchy on the part of some cast members. True, the set was very simple - a typical, basic waiting room adorned with graffiti and some unnerving posters on diseases. Nonetheless, the script was very well written, conceivable and easily congruous in any modern day setting, and the message was one that needs to be heard. It was thrilling, comical and, at times, quite bizarre. Plus, the fantastic stage presence and delivery of Michael Duah (Ade) and Jason Lazarus (Jermaine) compelled me throughout the entire performance. It's not The Old Vic but it can definitely hold it's own.

Tickets are £8 in groups of 5 or more, £10 for concessions and £12 for normal. They can be booked on or by calling 08444 77 1000.

For more on Stepping Stonez, visit their website and to contact them you can email or catch them on Twitter. Specifically for press and more reviews, contact Pilar Nalwimba at

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


If you're not already familiar with the gorgeous photographic talent of Andrea Coper, you'll be listing her as BBF - Blogger Best Friend - and 'double AA'-ing her in your theoretical phone book by the end of this post. For every budding fashionista knows that, apart from a 4 o'clock cocktail and a sample sale, a fashion photographer is a girl's best friend*. Throw in the credentials of a street style maven, having candidly shot the likes of Susie Lau, Grace Woodward and Natalia Vodianova, and she's practically what Madonna was to the gay scene in the 1980s: hash tag fabulous.

The Meadham Kirchhoff SS13 show may have been back in July but it's not yet old news - menswear or not, I'll be rocking a bold sari for autumn - and Miss Coper recently debuted her best snaps from the show on her blog. Truly displaying her ability to see things completely differently through her lens, Andrea's winsome pictures are different from most of the cookie cutter work already posted on the internet. Gushing aside, there's more exciting news. The fledgling photographer enlisted none other than myself to write the article that would compliment her work.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Make Me Autumn Winter

This Friday, it appeared that the last strains of sun had finally squeezed through the ominous, grey clouds - marking a long-unwanted end to Summer. No more Mimosas, no more fedora hats and certainly no more strappy wedges. Yes, girls. It's time to break out the accessory of the British Autumn/Winter season. Not umbrellas, opaques. Although disconsolately, I donned my tights with a trans-seasonal waterfall skirt and a denim shirt - a smart casual look to kick off the best of all seasons. However, fashion friends, you've no cause to fear. I may be partial to the (faux) fur permitting weather but I couldn't resist a shot of colour - packaged in the form of my sumptuous, handmade bag from the Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The gorgeous colour scheme and baroque-esque pattern are reminiscent of a Russian babushka doll, hence the reason I've been unable to part with it for most of summer. AW12 might be all about dark, moody florals and oxblood leather but I'll be clinging to brights with all the strength in my manicured claws for at least a month or two.

What do you think? Is colour still on the cards or is it time to say goodbye? Let me know in the comment box below or tweet me #makemeautumnwinter

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