Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Karlie Kloss Effect

If you haven't yet heard of Karlie Kloss, you probably live in a cave at the base of the most remote mountain or spend way too much time playing X-box in your basement lounge. It's more than safe to say that she's taking over the catwalk, one stiletto clad step at a time. From her various appearances on the runway, arsenal of editorial spreads and countless designer ads, it's easy for one to infer that she's one of the most sought after fashion models of the moment. That inference is correct. If you're one of those with the X-box obsession, take some time out to give Miss Kloss some love. It doesn't seem like she'll be going anywhere anytime soon.


Friday, 30 March 2012

The Pyjama Trend: Yes or No?

At the moment, I am of the firm opinion that the answer is NO! Stella McCartney has sparked a trend that consists of a two piece outfit in the same, generally dowdy, print that boats a relaxed, even, slack silhouette. It's never been ok to leave the house in your pyjamas before and can you imagine Anna Wintour stepping out in a slouchy, pale blue number? No? Me neither - so, I'm giving it a miss. Sometimes, there is the possibility that fashion will push the boundaries too far and, personally, I think this is one of those situations. Nevertheless, there could be hope for this sinking ship. A silky pyjama top styled with jeans or a plain, white vest paired with a colour pop blazer and the tent-like trousers could give the trend a luxe over that would make it fabulous enough to get the L and L seal of approval. If anything, at least giving the dull prints a boost with an injection of bright florals or tropical mania might make the trend worth trying.
Will I be giving it a go? Probably not - unless it's in the confinement of my room, underneath the covers.


Thursday, 29 March 2012

Fendi's Nordic Fashionista

I know the sun is out and Hyde Park is chock full of scantily clad teenagers taking full advantage of the blossoming British summer but, after stumbling upon the Fendi AW12 collection while watching Fashion TV this morning, I'm willing the sun to hide away for just a little bit longer. I can only describe this collection as displaying a fierce, cyber-girl, fashionista from the magical and mysterious Nordic region. Sound a little whimsical to you? Well, it is! That's why I love it. Fur, alligator skin, flashes of colour and sunglasses that borrow the vintage '50s shape - I'm melting. Dear Santa, please bring me everything in that collection and feel free to deliver them early!


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Feline Frenzy

Meow, Fashtopia. Print is getting a makeover and it's growing claws. Cats have been influencing everything from razor sharp nails to eyeliner flicks and now they're all over our clothes. Normally, that would call for a lint roller and a hefty dose of Febreze but, luckily for those of us who are less partial to fluff, we can embrace this trend hair free. Victoria Beckham went animal friendly using cat print all over her collection. Miu Miu joined the trend, even going as far as cat-printed clogs! Now, the high street is jumping on the band wagon with cats popping up everywhere from M&S to Debenhams. For someone who's not a cat lover, I've typed the word 'cat' far too many times in one post. Still, I'm finding it hard to resist the fabulous feline shift (it's super similar to VB's original design) at Celeb Boutique. It's enough to make any fashion girl purr. 
Victoria Beckham
Miu Miu
Celeb Boutique

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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Gay Paris

I'm dreaming of a city break in none other than the city of love but it's not romance I'm looking for. The twinkly lights of the Eiffel Tower by night, the tantalizing call of Champs Elysees and the smell of artisan breads in cosy, little patisseries have got me in a daze. I'm dying to experience the magic of Paris once again. Fancy a stint on the Eurostar yet? While I'm sniffing out some cute, boutique hotels, take inspiration from my ultimate weekend wardrobe. 


Thursday, 22 March 2012

En Vogue in Africa

For those who haven't been to Africa before, the images of mud huts, free roaming lions and the dangers of hyenas getting into the food store at night are often notable fixations in your minds. For those of you who have been on safaris in South Africa or Kenya perhaps have only had those beliefs reinforced. As a young, mixed race female from both Nigeria and Scotland, the amount of times I've genuinely been asked how far I have to walk every day to just pump myself clean water is insane and the amount of people that looked horrified at the thought that the only animals roaming the streets are some stray dogs and a few chickens here and there - no lions, no wildebeests and no giraffes. If it's the wildlife you're looking for, a game reserve is best. You'll ride around in a topless jeep, maybe with a pair of battered binoculars and feel like something off of The Wild Thornberrys on Nickelodeon. However, if you've come here today for a daily dose of fashion (I'm sure there's a travel blog a couple of doors down the road), then look no further than the thriving cities of Africa. 
Speaking from experience, I see pure gold in the style potential of growing cities like Lagos, Nigeria. Markets boast a wealth of colours and printed materials that most designers are only beginning to experiment with. An abundance of experienced tailors and machinists in most cities allows room for  budding entrepreneurs to set their fashion houses in motion and there are hardly any boundaries as to what is conventionally fashionable.


Is '50s Fashion a Trend We Can't Escape?

1950s style has been creeping under our radars for the last 2 years, making mini come backs in the spring and summer. It started with ice-cream pastels and romantically styled hair. The next year running we saw bold fruit prints and A-line skirts. Now, in it's 3rd year, '50s revival is hitting fashtopia with full force. Car prints inspired by Prada, cat eye sunglasses and hip-hiding, waist-cinching wonder frocks. Big bold fruits and florals a la Dolce & Gabbana are reminiscent of a '50s vacation with a luxe over and cutesy cardigans paired with peplums and collars give the trend a sugary sweet edge. Flattering shapes and a versatile colour palette make '50s fashion perfect for virtually anyone so, I think it's time to jump on the band wagon, girlies. It doesn't get much better than this one. Pull out the sun loungers and the candy cocktails - paradise in your own back garden.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Paging all Loudmouths!

It's been almost a week since my last post! While I've been out in Nigeria enjoying the sauna-like temperature and swedish massages at the new spa, the fashion world has been passing me and my frustrating lack of internet by. Finally the L and L HQ is up and running can stop breathing into the brown paper bags, I haven't gone awol. 
Seeing as so much seems to have happened in the past few weeks that I couldn't just keep to myself, I'll make this a catch up post about everything I would have posted about last week.

SJP in White Lace and Powder Blue

Apart from the Essex girl chic heels, which I am still extremely skeptical about, I think Sarah Jessica Parker works this granny-esque get up with the poise and finesse of a true fashionista.
The Anti Dip-Dye
Models at Jean Paul Gaultier boasted sprayed on, coloured roots. It's always a bad sign when you search green roots on the internet and find a picture of a sweaty Gerard Way at an MCR concert (*cringe*) but Mr Gaultier has got me yearning to give it go. Watch this space. I may whip out the red hairspray in the near future.

Is the Headband Really Back In?
Julien David says so. Thick headbands in gingham print and block colours were worn straight across the forehead a la Olivia Newton John circa 'Let's Get Physical'. It feels like a throw back to my school girl days and, for some reason, I'm not fighting it. Pair with an oversized jersey top or knitted jumper and a pair of skinny jeans for sporty girl cool. Add a pair of this season's new platform trainers and you'll be set to flex your fashion muscles all about town.
Eye-catching Eyebrows
Thought power brows were daunting? Enter sequinned eyebrows at Chanel's Paris Fashion Week show. I will not be trying this at any point, EVER. Not even on Halloween. I will, however, be showing my appreciation from afar. Well done, Mr Lagerfeld. A+ for artistic effort. P.s. the slick pony also gets my vote!

Katy Perry on the FROW at Miu Miu
Anyone or anything with a swishy, high ponytail gets the thumbs up from me (yes, even Vicky Pollard - it's just about the only redeeming quality she has!) Then, Katy Perry shows up at Miu Miu sporting an electric blue upgrade of my favourite 'do and a to die for baby pink outfit! Appreciation for the pea coat, although not over the pink, it makes it seem a little bit dowdy and ten times less glam. Nevertheless, applause for KP. This one's going in the fashion file.

Jessie J for Vitamin Water
If I haven't mentioned it already (which I'm sure I have), I'm a huge Jessie fan. Not quite ready to call myself a 'heartbeat' (reminds me a little too much of the 'directioners' and 'beliebers' *double cringe*) but, if she's on it, I pretty much love it. The fact that I'm a super fan of Vitamin Water makes the news all the more exciting. Although it's not as big as when Karl Lagerfeld designed bottles for Diet Coke (and I don't even like Coke)  I'll definitely be looking out for one of the 'hairy bottles' in store now.
Boy London goes Big
Boy London has always been hot on the underground grunge scene - you only need to type it in to Tumblr to know - but, now that it's been spotted on the likes of Jessie J in her video for 'Domino', on Keri Hilson and Rihanna on The Johnathan Ross Show, it's set to go huge. Formed in the '80s, the super cool brand has a range of clothing all featuring their logo. You can find them at Selfridges but don't forget to check out 

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

Every girl has an inner glamour puss that demands just as much attention as Regina George's bra in the locker room scene. Indulge your inner Mean Girl and wear pink today. If you're not in fuchsia or powder pastel, you're going in the burn book...and don't try to make "fetch" happen. It was never going to happen.

Set created on Polyvore.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Hot Trend: Grunge Kid

Do you want to be a dip-dyed, Game Boy Colour playing ball of cool? Meet 90's grunge. Acid wash, cut off shorts and flatforms - it's fashion right now. Style distressed jeans, tongue in cheek tees and vintage caps with converse and leather vests for day. Vamp it up in the night with black lace and feathers. Go on, you know you want to.

Set created on Polyvore.


Sailor Moon

Sorry for the shabby quality. A quick post before I run out the door (on my way to my interview at Bournemouth University).

Bow front lace top, £2, Charity Shop
Tartan dress, £20, Desire Clothing
Lita boots, £120, Jeffrey Campbell (gifted by my parents)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Who Loves Easter?

Me! Who loves chocolates? Me! Who loves bunnies? Me! Who loves bunnies carrying eggs made out of chocolates? Meeeeeeeeee! So, what could be better than selling a vintage Hermés scarf inspired by Fabergé eggs?! Well, the answer is obviously me being given VIP access to the Hermés scarf archive and a free little Fabergé number as a souvenir. Not going to happen.
The scarf is limited edition and a collectors item for fashionistas everywhere. Can't afford it? Get your egg fix by going to the The Grand Eggstravaganza exhibition open from April 5th-9th. It's at a secret location so keep your eyes peeled on the Big Egg Hunt website.

Check out more scarves by Hermés here.

P.s. check out my post on designer menswear label Agi & Sam for

Pictures courtesy of Push PR.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lovely Louboutin

I love, love, LOVE Louboutins. You know when you hear those crazy stories about people marrying inanimate objects? Well, save up for your fascinators because I have a strange feeling I may be marrying a pair of red-soled stilettos in the future. Unfortunately, (for now) the hefty price tag is getting in the way of our love affair so I'll have to ogle from afar.
I've paid homage to the signature skyscraper heels with my new nails:

P.s. check me out featured on Rena Smith's fantastic fashion blog electric_dress here.

The Rough Stuff

In need of a little fashion inspiration? Look no further than the infamous Olsen twins. Mary-Kate and Ashley have been capturing hearts since their wee days in 'Full House' and it's no different now that they're 25! They've been trendsetters since they were tweenagers and their style savvy take on monochrome and fierce leathers have made them my fashion heroes since I was 13! Take some ideas from this mood board and run with the trend:

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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hot Right Now: Nude

The frost is gone, it's getting warmer and it's time to ditch the blacks and greys. Nude tones and caramel hues have been doing services to the style savvy for decades. Sultry, sleek and ridiculously en vogue - nude is the way forward. It's expensive looking, luxe and flatters every skin tone. Be brave and step out in all camel or give a nod to the trend in flesh-coloured, skyscraper heels. Need some inspiration? I'll be dreaming of nude Louboutins.


Friday, 2 March 2012

Hot Right Now: Trend #2

Body Armour
This season, it's A ok to shake your groove thang to 'Jenny From the Block' and say "bling bling" outside of a Snoop Dogg concert. Jewellery is coming out in force and it's going bigger, better and brighter. If you live in white tees and jeans, this trend is perfect for you. Revamp your outfit with a statement piece or two and you're set to go. Remember ladies (and gentlemen, if you so wish), more is more this season so pile on the armour.
Take inspiration from Kreayshawn and the armour-like pieces of Gucci's SS12 collection.

Go for ghetto fab in gold and colour pop brights or keep it edgy glam in signature studs and leather

  1. Handcuff necklace, Asos
  2. Kissing fish hinge bangle, Betsey Johnson
  3. Gold ID plate bracelet, River Island
  4. Music note earrings, Asos
  5. Hand gesture ring, Miss Selfridge
  6. Bunny ears rings, Asos
  7. Vintage door knocker earrings, Chanel
  8. Karl Lagerfeld brooch, Yazbukey
  9. Lady Gaga brooch, Yazbukey
  10. Lipstick ring, Nasty Gal
  11. Heart chain bracelet, Juicy Couture
  12. Leopard perspex earring, Asos
  13. Metal bridge detail sunglasses, Asos
  14. Cross tunnel earring, Topshop
  15. Gold knuckleduster ring, River Island
  16. Body harness, Topshop
  17. Spike tusks rings, Topshop
  18. Peacock 14k gold-plated ring, House of Harlow
  19. Swirl tunnel earrings,
  20. Tribal collar necklace, Marni at H&M
  21. Tube collar necklace, Topshop

Pictures belong to their respective owners/sets created on Polyvore.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Hot Right Now: Trend #1

Dolly Girl Chic

Although most of us grew out of Barbies and dollhouses years ago (don't be ashamed if you still love them - those are collectors items!), the trend forecast has fashionistas everywhere set to move into their very own Malibu Mansions. Well, unless you've got an extreme paycheck or a life-size Ken to pay for it - not exactly - but delicate dolly fashion is hitting the fashion world faster than you can say "Cindy-Stole-Ken!". 
Think Peter Pan collars, popping pink heels and cute, kitsch accessories. Go for bows, pearls and quirky pieces like the Strawberry Cake Ring from Punky All Sorts. Try Johnny Loves Rosie for stand out headgear. 
Nevertheless, warning, dear style stalkers, this trend is a bit like Ribena - don't dilute it and you'll end up looking like Puff the Magic Dragon's best friend (purple teeth and all). Take this trend in small doses, edging up a plain, white dolly dress with zany accessories or keeping makeup and trimmings to a minimum in an eccentric, two-piece short suit like this dogtooth beauty at Boohoo.
Take inspiration from stars like Marina Diamandis, Lana de Rey in T Magazine and Katy Perry.

Socks with pumps, delicate lace and '50s style are key trends for the season

  1. Cat eye sunglasses, Asos
  2. Cropped blazer, Marni for H&M
  3. Ruffle skirt prom dress, Topshop
  4. Neon lace bodycon skirt, River Island
  5. Hot pink Yolanda pumps, Christian Louboutin
  6. Light wash denim bralet, River Island
  7. China floral lattice sundress, Topshop
  8. Mint green origami platforms, River Island
  9. Fruit print dolly dress, River Island
  10. Pastel pink holdall, Topshop
  11. Mini glitter box bag, Asos
  12. Pink edition Chanel No. 5, Chanel
  13.  Orange pleated shirt dress, Topshop
  14.  Aqua peep-toe stilettos, Giuseppe Zanotti
  15.  No. 34 lashes, MAC Cosmetics
  16.  Viva Glam 'Nicki' lipstick, MAC Cosmetics
  17. Lipglass, MAC Cosmetics 
  18. Viva Glam 'Lady Gaga' lipglass, MAC Cosmetics

Pictures belong to their respective owners/sets created on Polyvore.
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