Sunday, 26 February 2012

London Fashion Weekend.

Thursday marked the kickoff of LFWeekend- the little sister to the more prestigious LFWeek is, contrarily, open to the general public (tickets required). This is the event better suited to us plebians who are less cashmere beret and more pleather clutch bag (for those of you who didn't quite catch that, think less Prince Harry, more Burger King). I booked myself in for a 'Shop and the Lot' ticket which entails a pass to the shopping areas, a show bag and a ticket to the catwalk show.

Designer pop up shops such as DKNY Jeans, Jaeger and Kirsty Ward were selling heavily discounted pieces of their collections and beauty stalls were offering manicures, eyebrow shaping and mini facials for competitive prices. My favourite part was the vintage floor featuring American Retro, VVVintage and Molly Bakes (a bakery that sells the most delicious lemon cupcakes).

The catwalk showcased designs from designers Holly Fulton and Antipodium. LFWeekend also put together two collections, Prim Rose and Game On, to showcase the Spring/Summer trends.

Host Zoe Hardman (above) and with Lisa Snowden and the Veet girls (below)

The show bag included goodies such as Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, Label M Protein spray and Lavazza coffee (obviously, fashion girl essentials).
Show bag


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Boateng. Ozwald Boateng.

It took me 2 hours and a night's sleep to choose an outfit for the Ozwald Boateng AW12 presentation at his Saville Row store last night. As I shakily pained my nails with red Barry M nail paint on the train towards Victoria, I struggled to contain my excitement. I may not have the steely glare of Daphne Guinness or the impending aura of Anna Wintour but I was still at fashion week!
Teetering along the pavement in my Jeffrey Campbell boots, my heart pulsed as the shiny letter's spelling out Mr Boateng's name came into view. The queue was just as chic as the suits in the window and I could already tell I would love his collection. 
The store was packed with fashionistas and the press ogling the suave suits inspired by the cross between Eastern and Western cultures. Asian models posed for the incessant flash bulbs going off in the stylishly furnished space and a female musician with a soulful voice serenaded a crowd in the back room. Mohair, grey and camel hues and wool blend featured in the suits and smart trousers displayed on the walls and tables as well as the models. 
Mr Boateng himself made a very brief appearance but the collection made up for it. I almost felt myself wishing I had a reason to buy (and wear) a man's suit. The things we do for fashion!

What we wore:
Fur coat (worn off the shoulders), £70, The Ragged Priest via Topshop
Black and white stripe blazer, £50, River Island
Jewel print mock silk dress, £10 (sale), River Island Design Forum
Snake skin bag (carried as clutch), £?, can't remember where from
Lita Boots, £120, Jeffrey Campbell gifted by my parents

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

London Fashion Week, Day 4

Some of the candid shots from Day 4 at Fashion Week:


Monday, 20 February 2012

Mulberry AW12

I actually felt my heart sigh (and caught myself staring at the computer in the way one would a lost puppy or a new born baby swaddled in pink blankets) when I watched streaming of the Mulberry AW12 show. Hair. Leather. How is it possible that two of my favourite things EVER have some how moulded themselves into a spirit rousing collection? Forget the Bayswater - the only thing I want from you, Mulberry, is that fudge brown, hair jacket...and that charcoal hair skirt...throw in some of your leathers if you're feeling generous.

Pictures belong to their respective owners.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

PPQ AW12 Black Out

The first day of London Fashion Week, unsurprisingly, started with a bang. Every inch of Somerset House appeared to be painted with chic, likewise, everyone inside it followed suit. I've been waiting with baited breath all of my 18 years to be invited to a show at LFW and, finally, the opportunity came. I worked as a planter on the AW12 PPQ this Friday, which meant a free pass to the show! It. Was. Absolutely. Incredible.

The show opened with a beautiful model pushing a Rule style bike down the runway. Following bell and cocoon shaped coats, leotards, peplums, and embellished opaque tights sashayed down the catwalk. Black, grey and emerald green formed the colour palette for the evening and Hollywood glamour was an overriding theme. Bonnets and chiffon added the finishing touches to the vintage chic collection.

PPQ described it as 'a collection dedicated to the apocalyptic romance of winter. Draping layers give dimension to the dark night in Meltons, mohairs and movie star velvet...slashed backs, wrapped shoulders, shawled collars and the crossing of a visible leg highlights seduction.'

Bip Ling, Pixie Lott, Caroline Flack, Jameela Jamil and Laura Whitmore were just some of the fash pack on the front row. Free bottles of Vitamin Water in 5 different flavours topped off the experience.

London Fashion Week, you are my new best friend. I'll be back for more on Monday!


Saturday, 18 February 2012

The New LBD

The Long Black Dress. Yes, you read that right. Mini's are for summer. It's winter. Mini's are for falling out of bars at 3 in the morning. It's now the season of the sophisticated lady. It's not to say you can't fall out of a bar in one, but you'll be doing it with the demure charm of a femme fatale. Yes, femininity, elegance and grace are all going on my wish list this year. Think starlet glamour, hour glass figures and show stopping chic to get those heads turning. I'll be heading to River Island and Topshop for mine.

1. £35, River Island
2. £46, Topshop
3. £38, Topshop

Pictures courtesy of River Island and Topshop.

Friday, 17 February 2012

The London Fashion Week A-Z

Today was the first day of London Fashion Week and, of course, I made my way down there to check out the action. After analysing the crowds, here's my A-Z.

A: Attitude - everyone at LFW, male or female, has about enough attitude to sink a ship. Unless, of course, they're a lost fashion intern in a pair of saggy jeans and Uggs.
B: Black - the colour of Fashion Week. Anyone who is anyone was working fashion at it's best in en vogue all black.
C: Cameras - they were everywhere! For the camera hungry fashionista, Somerset House is the place to be. Don't forget yours though, you'll regret missing out on the photo op!
D: Dip hems - everybody's wearing them. 'Nuff said.
E: Eat - Pear Victoria Sponge, Croissants and Couscous salads. Top it off with green tea and freshly squeezed orange juice.
F: Fur - it's everywhere. Gilets, hats, coats and bags. Go wild!
G: Glasses - whether sunnies or clear lensed, glasses are the new cool accessory...even if there is no sun out.

PPQ at London Fashion Week

So, today, I'll be working backstage on the AW12 PPQ show at London Fashion Week! I'm so excited to have been given this opportunity and, like any other fashion obsessed girl, I've been flapping about for the past few days wondering what to wear. I settled on stylish but comfortable and have finally decided on an outfit...I think.

Cardigan, £20 (promotion), River Island
Scarf print top, £30, River Island
Matching trousers, £30, River Island


Fash Bash

Last night was up and coming fashion brand 18 and East's very first fashion party at The White Horse pub in Hoxton. It was trendy little gig, held in a room below the pub kitted out with a disco ball, flashing party lights and enviable pop art prints of the likes of Grace Kelly and other fierce fashionistas. The fashmosphere (yes, that is a blend between fashion and atmosphere) was funky and vintage cool - an array of bowler hats, creepers, waterfall hem skirts and American Apparel disco pants filling the room.  The music was a jumble of everything you can think of from Florence + The Machine to the groovy R'n'B tunes my parents used to groove to in the mid 90's. We drank lager and Disaronno with cranberry juice - another reflection on the eclectic atmosphere of the indie shindig. 

What I wore:

Top, £20, Boohoo
Body harness, £18 (I think), Topshop
High-waisted ankle swingers, £28, River Island
Pink suede brogues, £?, River Island


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Neon Brights

Hot right now: Flouro!

P.s. Fans are hot right now, just ask ASOS

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Monday, 13 February 2012

Mary Kantrantzou for Topshop

Shake your tail feathers, fash pack - brightly coloured prints are heading to the high street's hottest in the form of Mary Kantrantzou's capsule collection at Topshop. Said to be the splurge of the month for fashion girls across the UK, the collection launches on February 17th and is sure to sell out faster than I can say 'flower power' (which is pretty fast, by the way)! Unfortunately, I don't have a valentine to buy me the floral lantern dress as a late pressie and, with the scarves alone clocking in around the £60 region, nor do I have the bank funds. Looks like I'll be sitting out on this one. I can always ogle (jealously) from afar. Sigh.


Sunday, 12 February 2012

The House of Chanel

I was writing a short essay for a university interview on Chanel S.A. and the legendary Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel herself and I thought I might share it with you. Here's a bit of a history lesson for you. I will accept cash, cheques or a pair of two-toned Chanel ballerinas in payment for providing you with such invaluable information on The House of Chanel...

The House of Chanel

What does one think of when they utter the name Chanel? Those undying interlocking C’s, the smell of jasmine and the quilted bag, which has never gone out of fashion. Is it the ‘Chanel suit’, Karl Lagerfeld or simply the legend herself: Coco? Regardless of what springs to mind, Chanel S.A. is a fashion house that, alongside it’s founder Gabrielle Chanel, shall forever go down in history as one of the most esteemed establishments in the fashion industry. As the brand that put the ‘little black dress’ on the map and the mother of blasé elegance, this couture-based enterprise is and has been one of the most successful of its time, but where did it all begin?

Pastel Palooza

As you've probably noticed, I've been going a bit collage crazy on Polyvore recently. Needless to say, I'll be posting another inspiration board in this post (sorry for those of you who have an allergy or a serious aversion to anything to do with jumbled imagery). 
It's winter, It's snowed twice in a fortnight and it wouldn't surprise me if the whole world resorted to wearing grey and black and hibernating in bed for the season. If you tick all those boxes, no need to hang your head in shame - I've been abusing dark, neutral tones far too often in the past week. With pastels cropping up all over the place, however, I'm craving a colour injection in my daily wardrobe and I can't get enough of sorbet shades and ice cream tones. By the time spring comes around, I'll be set to go!

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Anti-Valentine

Like many of you, I will be spending my Valentines Day with a large box of Hotel Chocolat delicacies, listening to nostalgic music. However, the chocolates will be bought by Me for Me and I'll be wallowing in the eerie sounds of Lana del Rey.
Valentines Day is by far one of the worst days for singletons like me and the run up is even more painful! Everything is decorated in pink, red and black - I can't even pick up my favourite fash mag without being reminded about how very single I am (tragic, I know) but, not to worry, my pretties! This year, I've vowed to take Valentines Day in my stride. Single girls can celebrate too. Count this as a reminder that there's more to life and being a woman than having a very messy, slightly smelly other half to molly coddle for a day.
I'll be rocking V-day in this season's canary yellow. If I'm going to celebrate my independence on the day of hearts, I'm going to do it with a bang. Yellow is so the new pink.

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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Hair Halo

Casual day of shopping today. What I wore:

Black snood, £5, Primark
Pink striped blazer, £?, Vintage (gifted by my Nan)
Orange knit jumper with elbow patches, £12, Primark
INDIGO range jeans, £?, M&S (gifted by my Nan)
Black ankle boots, £40, River Island

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Studs on Studs

STUDS! Can't get enough of them. You can never have too many studs - unless, I suppose, you're an Old Age Pensioner with a beer belly and a lifelong dedication to the Hell's Angels (even then, work it out!)
What I wore:

Studded faux fur jacket, £50 (sale), River Island
Jersey and mesh body, £10, Desire Clothing
Velvet maxi skirt, £?, Primark
Studded peep toe heels, £40 (promotion), River Island
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