Monday, 30 January 2012

Heavy Hearted

47 year old super mum, Yasmin Le Bon graced one of Paris' catwalks in a a stunning dress weighing around 110 lbs. A cross between sophistication and strenuous labour, it kind of makes me want to get married in red but mainly begs the question: how hard are we willing to work for fashion (or a pay check)?

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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lazy Sunday

Not really doing much today - internet shopping, bejeweling pieces for my photo shoot and lazing about in front of the television. What else does one do on a Sunday? Unfortunately, I have to somehow shift myself from my seat and go down to the shop for magazines and milk. What I'm wearing:

Ray Ban reading glasses, £60, Vision Express
Black knitted snood, £5, Primark
Pleather jacket, £29.99, H&M
'Legalize Gay' t-shirt, £5, American Apparel jumble sale on Brick Lane
Cut -off denim shorts (want to bleach them soon!), made them myself
200 denier tights, £10, Pretty Polly via River Island
Suede aqua boots, £20 (I think!), Primark

Doing it like, Daphne.

So, how many fashion girls don't want to be 5ft 7, size 8 and renowned for walking for Chanel, Dior and Valentino or gracing the cover of Vogue? Find me a girl and she'll be excommunicated from the fashion community immediately (just joking but, seriously, what is wrong with you?!) The young Daphne Groeneveld is an alien-like beauty ranked number 9 out of 50 models on I must admit, it took me a while to get my head around her strange looks and ethereal grace but I have now become a self-confessed Groeneveld super fan. Put her on the 'List of People to Liaise with Before I Die' - it's not like mine's 4 pages long or anything.

p.s. check out Daphy in action - Fashion TV 'First Face 2012 Countdown' (number 8):

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Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Ragged Priest

Apart from the really cool name, is officially going on my bookmarks bar. How cool are their clothes?! Dear Santa, bring me everything on there. Please and thank you.




Pictures courtesy of The Ragged Priest.

All that Glitters is Gold

How exciting! As may be obvious to those who have read my previous posts, I am a Jeffrey Campbell addict (no, seriously - Jeff, if you happen to bump into me on a street corner, I suggest you run) and just the thought of the Lita boot makes my pulse race. I have the standard black ones and have made plans to buy every other colour and pattern that exists but, at £120 and more each, they're really quite expensive. Don't get me wrong, as a slave to fashion, I'd happily spend my life savings on a perfect pair of Louboutins or a Hérve Léger dress but, when I discovered the £40.99 Lita-a-likes at Missguided, I hyperventilated a little bit (no joke). Being the magpie that I am, I chose the gold glittery ones but I plan to buy the brown ones and the leopard print ones too, as well as these ankle boots, which remind me of Christian Louboutins. Yum.

£40.99, Missguided

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Channel Chanel

Picture this: a runway set amongst lavishly decorated white dinner tables, a toy Chanel train running around it and Indian appetisers galore. The 2012 Paris-Bombay show was a spectacle that I am extremely gutted I missed - my invite must have been lost in the post, that empty seat on front row was mine. The dreadlocks, nose rings and Asian inspired tailoring are right up my street (not that I have dreadlocks and a nose ring). These pictures will be going on my wall:


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Style Hero - Baitong Namasontihi

So, I'm really excited to say that I got the opportunity to do a mini internet interview with Baitong Namasontihi of Her eclectic and edgy style is the envy of every fashion enthusiast that sets eyes on her personal style blog (she's even been featured on and, with a hair wardrobe to rival Rihanna's, she is certainly a style hero of mine. "Your style is the most perfect thing ever", "FRESH style" and "I love your blog" are just a few of the compliments she gets flowing into her message box every day as well as questions about where she gets her clothes and what she would pair a "bandeau" with. Here's a little glimpse into the world of the tumblr beauty:

Hi, Baitong! Thank you so much for doing this interview for me. 
Hey! No worries at all, thank you for approaching me!

You are a great source of stylespiration for me, who inspires you to dress the way you do?
Im inspired by Yoon from Ambush designs the most, the Japanese culture, art and music.

Oh gosh, could Yoon get any cooler?! I love her thrifty style. What do you prefer, charity shops or catwalk?
Charity shop, I'm a huge fan of vintage, the thought of you buying a piece of history is pretty incredible.

Favourite shop or boutique?
Rokit & Blitz, I can always find something odd, wonderful and exciting in there.

Love Rokit! Speaking of vintage stores, what's the oldest thing in your closet?
Its probably my vintage pieces that I've collected over the years and my Converses as far as I remember. I always clear out my closet so finding the oldest thing is pretty hard.

What is the most cherished thing in your closet?
I think it will have to be my leather jacket, I can't live without leather. My studded one is like my baby, I'd feel so lost without it.

I love the fact that you know how to clash prints and colours without ever going wrong. What is your favourite colour (fashion wise)?
Any pastel, it gives a sense of innocence but yet adds something to the works.

Now that we're on the topic of colour, your hair changes colour and style a lot, do you see it as an accessory or just a reflection of your mood/self?
I see it as an accessory but it also reflects on my mood. I get bored easily so thats the reason I change my hair colour alot. If I go through a grunge phrase I would have it jet black or if I'm inspired by like fairytales at the time I'd change it to green or red. I just love experimenting with my hair.

Ok, so maybe I was lying, we all make mistakes sometimes. What was your biggest fashion faux pas?
Letting my mum dress me as a child. I mean, I love the woman but some of her stuff is just not me. Thats how my sister is now, 'cause shes gotten used to my mums 'style' she doesnt even let me dress her. Im just waiting for the moment when she can be more open minded.

I hear you, girl! Socks and sandals seemed to be a favourite of Mum's at the best of times - will never forgive you for that, by the way! What is your biggest pet hate when it comes to fashion?
When people wear too many trends in one, like, before you leave the house, you should always take off one item.

Last two questions, promise! What/who is your favourite brand/designer?
Marc Jacobs has always been one of my favourite designers since I was little. Zac Posen, AMBUSH, Henry Holland.

I'd give an arm (someone elses, naturally) to be bezza mates with Henry! If you could have any 4 people at your dinner party, who would they be?
Mary Kate & Ashley, Lady Gaga and Yoon.

Gaga might try to use the dinner plates as headgear! It's been great getting a bit of insight into your world of fierce fashion feats. Thanks again for your time!

Check out Baitong on her blog,

Sunday, 15 January 2012

The "Yes" Man

Today, I set off to Soho for a quintessentially British afternoon of cucumber sandwiches and crumpets with my Nana. Destination: Soho's Secret Tea Room. I thought I'd channel a little granny chic with tartan, lace, a tapestry handbag (not pictured) and a cossack hat. Here's what I wore:

'YES' necklace, £12, (I believe they've sold out)
White lace shirt, £?, Primark
Tartan dress, £20, Desire Clothing
Suspender tights, £10, Pretty Polly via River Island
Lace up Lita boots, gifted from my parents, £120, Jeffrey Campbell via Office

Walking down Greek Street in the brisk cold, I have to say it was not the easiest task finding the tea room. The Coach & Horses pub itself (which it is situated above) didn't have a very big sign and, despite the claims that it's famous, was very easy to miss/was unknown to the other shops around it. Once in, we had to go behind the bar and up a very narrow and windy staircase. The tea room itself had a shabby chic feel to it's decor, furnished with incongruous chairs, lacy tablecloths and 1930s bric-a-brac. It had a really vibrant and friendly atmosphere, which made up for the fact that we were told upon entering that there was a "table for two" but we wouldn't be served for at least half an hour due to the fact that they were behind on their orders. The waitress was very friendly despite all of her stress and, once our order had been taken, she got our food out fast. I must admit, the scones were to die for and the cucumber sandwiches, although thin on cucumber, were a nice bit of savoury amongst the mix of cakes and clotted cream. For £14.50, I don't quite think the 'Traditional Afternoon Tea' quite lived up to it's fee but, for a bit of a novelty treat every now and then, I thought it was fantastic. I would definitely go back there again but not any time soon as I think I will be waddling off this food baby for a couple months now.

Location: 1/2
Decor: 1.75/2
Atmosphere: 2/2
Food: 1.75/2
Service: 1/2

Total: 7.5/10


Rolling Spikes Stud

I've fallen head over heels for the Christian Louboutin Rolling Spikes Studded Loafers. Excuse me while I wish upon a star for them to fall out of the sky and land in my garden (free of charge).

Going slightly crazed for this pair:

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Friday, 13 January 2012

Confessions of a Clothes Shark

I learned two things about myself today: the first is that I truly live and breathe fashion (more so than I had realized before), the other is that I have a desperate affinity for spending. Honestly, it's like a shark attracted to blood in the water *breaks into a shady rendition of 'Blood in the Water' from Legally Blonde: The Musical*. Seriously though, the feeling of swishing my card through the reader and purchasing some wonderful new item that, at the time, feels like I just cannot live without - it's to die for. I feel a surge of adrenaline-charged joy dance within me, my toes wiggle jubilantly in my cottons and my fingers groove wildly in my pockets, waiting to clasps themselves tightly around the shopping bad handles. Sad? I know, but, truthfully, I just cannot bring myself to stop. I only ever spend on fashion anyway, so who can really blame me?! I think I sit somewhere neatly between 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' and 'Bridget Jones', throw in a smidgen of 'Pretty Woman' (I mean the cheesy soundtrack not the hunky man and the awkward job position) and you're just about there.
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