Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Don't you love when you get a new follower on Twitter? For a second you get that mini rush, a virtual upvote of acceptance from a fellow web explorer. I love it even more when that follower leads me to find really cool t-shirts with Lana Del Rey's face on it. Need I say more?

Prand is a French brand that, until two days ago, was completely unknown to me. It's a cool little E-Shop with something of the skateboard hipster about it (minus the the battered Vans and petulant attitude). Apparently loads of French celebrities wear it and the Swedish House Mafia too. Cool. But before we have a Mean Girls 'army pants and flip flops' moment, it's the awesome prints that have got me wishing I had discovered them earlier.

The Lana and Frank Ocean tops are affordable (and French) and are perfect paired with high-waisted denim and fringed leather for a festival cool look (and French). Debit cards at the ready.

Tweet them at @_PRAND #lipstickandloudmouthssentme

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