Monday, 13 May 2013


When you find a pair of shoes that fits - literally as well as embodying your personality in a perfectly bound amalgamation of leather and rubber - it feels like the heavens have opened above you and marshmallow rainbows are raining down in heady abundance. I exaggerate not.

Shopping for shoes, in an age where there are enough options to make your head spin in one or two shops alone, can be a nightmare and a half. They're too expensive, too small, too tight, bad quality, the wrong shade of chartreuse. Sometimes by the time you've made your way out of the shop, clambering for air on the bustling high street, the freshly purchased shoes seem more like a burden than anything - a bitter reminder of the claustrophobic cinch shared with half of the other shoppers on the planet. That's why, when you find the right ones, it's like an angel has hugged you. I do not lie.

But when the funds are low, the angel hugs are few and far between. A girl's got to be savvy these days. Hence the reason, when I picked up on the Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane boots - which I stared at longingly every day on the way to my work placement off of Oxford St - I headed to straight to Office to look for a suitable substitute.

Enter the Ultimate Croc Boot.

So, what's the difference? 3 buckles instead of 2. A slightly different finish. A better price tag. Sold? Sold.

The real leather boots are super comfy and easy to throw on with just about everything (pyjama shorts included for the Saturday morning bacon run). I am in love and, in turn, they love me, my wardrobe and my angel-kissed feet.

An investment well made. Office saves the day.

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