Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Last night, I discovered Dina Goldstein, a fantastic photographer and notable innovator when it comes to emotive imagery. I stumbled upon her work almost by accident, it was one of those little pop ups on a comedy thread I had unwittingly found myself reading off the back of a university advice column. Labelled 'The Reality of Barbie's Life at Home' and laden with bright pink imagery, I decided to give it a flick through. There were only 3 images and I was left wanting to know more, what happens to Barbie? Never did I think I'd be spending my Tuesday night frantically trying to figure out whatever became of the plastic pin-up but, nonetheless, I traced the photos back to their original source via many a diversion.

The series of photos are dark and comic, portraying a perfect woman with a perfect life and an equally as perfect husband. Except there's this one thing - Ken prefers the company of men. As you flip through the photo set, your smile gradually melts away and you can feel your heartstrings tightening as you follow Barbie's disintegration into depression and madness. The reality of perfection is far from flawless.


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  1. hahah this is amazing


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