Thursday, 31 January 2013


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Recently, I've had the strangest dreams. Vivid hallucinations of the whimsical nature. If dreams really do have a meaning, I am most certainly destined for something weird and wonderful in the near future - a tea party with the Dalai Lama in a funhouse full of mirrors perhaps or, more likely, a mystical trip into the world of Narnia through my bedroom closet (obviously). Either that or I could listen to A$AP Rocky and watch kaleidoscopic videos on Youtube before going to bed, much less accessible than Narnia but surely categorised in the same box as the weird and the wonderful?

Parka, Primark
Jumper, Boohoo
Trousers, Primark,
Studded pumps, River Island

Photography:  Laura Gulshani

1 comment

  1. Those shoes !
    I remember seeing them and thought ... way too bold
    But I love the combination !
    Thanks for sharing
    Livvyy x
    P.S - Valentines Day giveaway competition is now on


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