Thursday, 24 January 2013


Frost bite gains a new meaning once the festive season has passed. Nobody's wishing for snowflakes - I say nobody in referral to those that are clinically sane - or chilly evenings in. Fireplaces are no longer novel and marshmallow hot chocolate becomes tired. Sleigh bells ring... lingers in the distance like a ghostly whisper and the thermostat threatens to freeze over completely. There's no fun in -2 degrees. No fun at all.

Nevertheless, it's not in the rulebook to respond to Winter with a meek whimper - the fashion rulebook that is. No, you fight fire with fire (or ice with ice). When is there ever a better excuse to layer like there's no tomorrow and shroud yourself in opulent (faux) fur?

The ground may be covered in down trodden snow and, yes, it may be impossible weather to wear heels in but the winter hasn't gotten the better of me just yet.

Famous last words.

Face earrings, Topshop
Polo neck, Primark
Tartan Dress, (can't remember)
Faux fur coat, Topshop Vintage
High top trainers, ASOS
Handbag, Zara

Photography: Laura Gulshani


  1. Ooh that dress is gorgeous - love tartan and red!

    Fingers crossed the weather gets a wee bit warmer so I can get out of hiking boots and into high heels again!

  2. Agreed! The snow is an absolute menace when it comes to fashion!


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