Saturday, 29 September 2012


It's been a hectic 2 weeks, what with me making my move from London to Birmingham to begin life as a Fashion Business & Promotions student at BIAD. From the torturous affliction of having to narrow down my shoe wardrobe to the exasperating struggle of finding the perfect outfit for the first day, I've been swept off of my feet in the commotion of turning over a new page in life. Nonetheless, that was never going to stop me turning the institutional, empty shell that was my accommodation into a haute hub I could call home. 

Starting with the desk, the attention was all in the detail. Adding familiar touches such as a framed picture, a souvenir from this summer's trip to Thailand and magazines. I couldn't resist putting my gravity defying high heels on display either - naturally, just so I can gloat over the fact that I've actually managed to walk in them.

Throughout the room, fashionable details - like a sequin cat mask I picked up in Monsoon and a bedazzled jewellery box - warm up the room.

Then comes my favourite part: the bed. A lilac damask duvet cover from Argos offers just the right degree of lightness and femininity. On the other hand, a floral quilt - woven by my Great Aunt Margaret - adds a bavarian feel and toughens up it's girly counterpart.

Lastly, a tablecloth bought at a Thai market makes a great cover for an otherwise boring desk chair.

So, what do you think? Will you be revamping your university rooms this year? Leave your comments in the box below or tweet me with your pictures.

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