Saturday, 8 September 2012


So, you may have noticed the lack of a post yesterday. Today, there won't be much fancy writing in this one. Put down your torches and pitchforks, I'm a very busy lady you see. Today is the day that I'm uprooting myself from London - my birthplace and home for many years - and moving up to Birmingham. Of course, I'll still be commuting down on a regular basis, what with friends, family and fashion beckoning, but the next 3 years of my life will be based mainly in the UK's second largest city.  By Monday, I'll officially be a Fashion student at Birmingham City University - mega yay! Thus, I'm flitting about like a headless chicken, crying over my restricted wardrobe of shoes, trying (but failing) to drag my 1,000 ton suitcases down the stairs and into the car and desperately hoping I haven't forgotten anything (is it bad that the first thing I thought to chuck into the car was my magazines?).

Nevertheless, there's nothing a good, old picture book can't solve - if it's good enough for a hyperactive toddler - so here are some snaps of my very first Fashion's Night Out in London on Thursday, which I attended with fashion photographer and blogger Andrea Coper.

Leather Jacket - H&M
Dress - Topshop (sale)
Handbag (just seen) - The Night Bazaar, Chiang Mai, Thailand


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