Saturday, 7 July 2012

Hong Kong Garden - Siouxsie and The Banshees

As some of you may have noticed, I've been AWOL since the 28th. A busy 9 days of gutting my room, cleaning my room and packing all of the contents of the past year (well, minus 10 black bags of charity donations) into 3 suitcases PLUS a 12 hour flight later and I'm sitting in my Hong Kong hotel room eagerly uploading the first of my holiday snaps.
7:00 AM
Jet lag. So much jet lag. The weather this morning is so gloomy in comparison to the warm, evening breeze that greeted us upon our arrival yesterday evening. The sky looks like a murky watercolour painting, the clouds dirty smears created by a roily brush. Everything is so tall in this city. "We build up". The roads are pretty narrow in some places and you can look straight into the window of the person in the building across. It's cramped but in a good way. I thought I was a city girl but London is nothing compared to here.

Today I'm wearing a floral bandeau top and neon jumper both from Primark, my black midi skirt and an aztec print bum bag (convenient and granny chic - need I ask for more?!) Peruvian style tassel sandals finish off the look giving my ensemble a touch of touristic mode.

16:00 PM
My jet lag feels like a thing of the past. All I can think of is the breathtaking views that we've seen today, the traditional Chinese lunch eaten in the locals' haunt and the tram experience. The culture here is so different but this place is amazing. For the first time ever, I drank Jasmine tea and rode down an extreme slope... in a tram... backwards. For somewhere so full of skyscraper buildings (which literally graze the sky, mind you) the view from the top is amazing. I wish I had time to visit the bay and take a whirl around Disneyland Hong Kong but we'll be Thailand bound by tomorrow afternoon. I've no time to miss this place, though. Chiang Mai is calling.

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