Sunday, 24 June 2012

Where Do I Belong?

Yesterday, I went to see the play Belong by Bola Agbaje which had come to the Theatre Local Peckham from The Royal Court. The material itself was absolutely phenomenal and the performance was beautifully staged and produced. Although it was the last showing, I strongly urge you to at least read the play or even keep your eyes peeled for any possible revivals in the future. Agbaje is definitely one to watch.

I was in a very classic mood and wanted to go for off-duty, old Hollywood with a modern twist. I styled my pleated midi skirt from ebay with a slip from one of my Mango dresses. The studded fur coat from River Island added a fierce edge to an otherwise very girly outfit. Lastly, Charlotte Olympia-alike heels from finished off the look with a top note of ladylike finesse.



  1. Love this outfit so much! The dress is so pretty and classy and those shoes are amazing! XO

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