Thursday, 17 May 2012

Why I Should Be the New WhatsTrend Blogger!

I could very easily sit here and write you a story about how I've been living and breathing fashion since the very day I was born. I could tell you that I made little clothes for my dolls out of hair scrunchies and old scraps of fabric. I could describe to you the elation and passion I felt every time I designed wedding dresses or red carpet outfits for my favourite celebrities out of magazine cuttings and catalogue pictures. In fact, I could even tell you how I styled my friends in beautiful Indian saris at the age of 9 and made them put on a fashion show for my Mum (anyone remember Chanel's Paris-Bombay show? Obviously, inspired by me)...
But the truth is, that doesn't make me a good fashion blogger. So, what are the real reasons I should be the new WhatsTrend blogger?

  1. I may be fairly new to the game but I'm incredibly passionate about writing - specifically about fashion. I write on my blog every day, whether or not I think anyone else is reading, because expressing myself about the things I love is so fulfilling.
  2. I may not look like the "typical blogger" but I do not believe fashion has a size nor a class nor a face. Karl Lagerfeld may think Adele is too fat for fashion and magazines are constantly bombarding us with images of what's beautiful or perfect but I like to think that I represent the average girl. Somewhere on the "wrong" side of 100 lbs and photo shop free.
  3. I never get tired of playing with clothes, whether it's for dressing myself or styling other people (but what girl does?!) I even dream in fashion! I feel like I could bring some great, edgy outfits to the mix on the WhatsTrend network.
  4. I'm an extremely dedicated person in general. If it's something I love, I stick to it and I would be prepared to give 100% as a WhatsTrend blogger.
So, there you have it. It would be a dream come true to work with and many thanks to the network, New Yorker and COTTDS author Cindy for giving bloggers worldwide the opportunity!

P.s. Did you get all that stuff about living and breathing fashion from an early age? Yeah? Just making sure!


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