Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Boxed Water is Better!

Every fashionista knows that it's always important to stay well hydrated whilst teetering between the racks at Selfridges or scouring vintage markets for hidden gems. That is, if you want to avoid fainting, dizziness and/or stiletto cramp. 

Remember when it was super stylish to be seen with a bottle of Evian Water? Well, move over Evian, there's a new cool kid in town (possibly the coolest thing since pouring yoghurt - I know, it was major). Hello, Boxed Water. Drinking water from a box is far more sustainable, brill for the environment in comparison to plastic bottles and super innovative. Apart from that, Boxed Water fans will be flexing their philanthropic muscle as 10% of the proceeds go to world water relief foundations and another 10% goes to reforestation projects. Oh, hey there, charitable beverage! Of course, the packaging is recyclable and it even made an appearance at Coachella. Kind of makes me wonder if green is the new black(?)!

Unfortunately, Boxed Water isn't currently available in the UK but it is being sold in the US, so, if you live over there or are taking a trip, get in line now. Oh and send a case this way, please!

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