Friday, 30 March 2012

The Pyjama Trend: Yes or No?

At the moment, I am of the firm opinion that the answer is NO! Stella McCartney has sparked a trend that consists of a two piece outfit in the same, generally dowdy, print that boats a relaxed, even, slack silhouette. It's never been ok to leave the house in your pyjamas before and can you imagine Anna Wintour stepping out in a slouchy, pale blue number? No? Me neither - so, I'm giving it a miss. Sometimes, there is the possibility that fashion will push the boundaries too far and, personally, I think this is one of those situations. Nevertheless, there could be hope for this sinking ship. A silky pyjama top styled with jeans or a plain, white vest paired with a colour pop blazer and the tent-like trousers could give the trend a luxe over that would make it fabulous enough to get the L and L seal of approval. If anything, at least giving the dull prints a boost with an injection of bright florals or tropical mania might make the trend worth trying.
Will I be giving it a go? Probably not - unless it's in the confinement of my room, underneath the covers.

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