Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Paging all Loudmouths!

It's been almost a week since my last post! While I've been out in Nigeria enjoying the sauna-like temperature and swedish massages at the new spa, the fashion world has been passing me and my frustrating lack of internet by. Finally the L and L HQ is up and running again...you can stop breathing into the brown paper bags, I haven't gone awol. 
Seeing as so much seems to have happened in the past few weeks that I couldn't just keep to myself, I'll make this a catch up post about everything I would have posted about last week.

SJP in White Lace and Powder Blue

Apart from the Essex girl chic heels, which I am still extremely skeptical about, I think Sarah Jessica Parker works this granny-esque get up with the poise and finesse of a true fashionista.
The Anti Dip-Dye
Models at Jean Paul Gaultier boasted sprayed on, coloured roots. It's always a bad sign when you search green roots on the internet and find a picture of a sweaty Gerard Way at an MCR concert (*cringe*) but Mr Gaultier has got me yearning to give it go. Watch this space. I may whip out the red hairspray in the near future.

Is the Headband Really Back In?
Julien David says so. Thick headbands in gingham print and block colours were worn straight across the forehead a la Olivia Newton John circa 'Let's Get Physical'. It feels like a throw back to my school girl days and, for some reason, I'm not fighting it. Pair with an oversized jersey top or knitted jumper and a pair of skinny jeans for sporty girl cool. Add a pair of this season's new platform trainers and you'll be set to flex your fashion muscles all about town.
Eye-catching Eyebrows
Thought power brows were daunting? Enter sequinned eyebrows at Chanel's Paris Fashion Week show. I will not be trying this at any point, EVER. Not even on Halloween. I will, however, be showing my appreciation from afar. Well done, Mr Lagerfeld. A+ for artistic effort. P.s. the slick pony also gets my vote!

Katy Perry on the FROW at Miu Miu
Anyone or anything with a swishy, high ponytail gets the thumbs up from me (yes, even Vicky Pollard - it's just about the only redeeming quality she has!) Then, Katy Perry shows up at Miu Miu sporting an electric blue upgrade of my favourite 'do and a to die for baby pink outfit! Appreciation for the pea coat, although not over the pink, it makes it seem a little bit dowdy and ten times less glam. Nevertheless, applause for KP. This one's going in the fashion file.

Jessie J for Vitamin Water
If I haven't mentioned it already (which I'm sure I have), I'm a huge Jessie fan. Not quite ready to call myself a 'heartbeat' (reminds me a little too much of the 'directioners' and 'beliebers' *double cringe*) but, if she's on it, I pretty much love it. The fact that I'm a super fan of Vitamin Water makes the news all the more exciting. Although it's not as big as when Karl Lagerfeld designed bottles for Diet Coke (and I don't even like Coke)  I'll definitely be looking out for one of the 'hairy bottles' in store now.
Boy London goes Big
Boy London has always been hot on the underground grunge scene - you only need to type it in to Tumblr to know - but, now that it's been spotted on the likes of Jessie J in her video for 'Domino', on Keri Hilson and Rihanna on The Johnathan Ross Show, it's set to go huge. Formed in the '80s, the super cool brand has a range of clothing all featuring their logo. You can find them at Selfridges but don't forget to check out leavetheboyalone.com 

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