Friday, 17 February 2012

The London Fashion Week A-Z

Today was the first day of London Fashion Week and, of course, I made my way down there to check out the action. After analysing the crowds, here's my A-Z.

A: Attitude - everyone at LFW, male or female, has about enough attitude to sink a ship. Unless, of course, they're a lost fashion intern in a pair of saggy jeans and Uggs.
B: Black - the colour of Fashion Week. Anyone who is anyone was working fashion at it's best in en vogue all black.
C: Cameras - they were everywhere! For the camera hungry fashionista, Somerset House is the place to be. Don't forget yours though, you'll regret missing out on the photo op!
D: Dip hems - everybody's wearing them. 'Nuff said.
E: Eat - Pear Victoria Sponge, Croissants and Couscous salads. Top it off with green tea and freshly squeezed orange juice.
F: Fur - it's everywhere. Gilets, hats, coats and bags. Go wild!
G: Glasses - whether sunnies or clear lensed, glasses are the new cool accessory...even if there is no sun out.

H: Heels - DO NOT GO TO FASHION WEEK WITHOUT HEELS (unless your flats are cool enough to top them). Trust me, I know. I made the mistake of wearing flat loafers. Me being there for work obviously wasn't a good enough excuse.
I: (the) In Crowd - trendy friends are like a Birkin bag. Make sure they're all dressed well and every other word is 'darling' or 'babe'. You're sure to be photographed.
J: Jewellery - statement pieces. Necklaces, bracelets, body harnesses. Go. All. Out.
K: Karlie Kloss - a massive flat screen in the court yard broadcasted Miss Kloss galavanting around in an array of outfits. Seemingly, the woman of the moment.
L: Leather - Leather leggings, leather dresses (a la Kitty Brucknell), leather jackets. Leather love.
N: Neon - everyone was nodding to Neon this Fashion Week with even Susie Lau from the Style Bubble pitching in with her bright blue bag.
M: Man skirts - so many men, so many skirts.
O: Ombre Hair - whether blonde tips or coloured ones, they're cool now. Fashion Week says so.
P: Poker face - whether or not you're pretending not to be cold standing outside in your fringed mini dress or just frowning at the general public, it's an unspoken rule: No one smiles at Fashion Week.
Q: Quirky - want to get noticed? Sport a fascinator, clash your prints or get inventive with your eye makeup.
R: Risque - sheer, sheer, sheer. We love sheer! Show a bit of skin.
S: Show bags - it seemed like everyone but me had a Mulberry show bag and I was extremely tempted to leg it out of the show room with one of the PPQ goodies.
T: Turbans - white tee and skinnies? Jazz it up with this headgear.
U: Unique - Topshop Unique to be exact. Popular with the fash pack.
V: Veils - sheer and velvet scarves used as hoods made for very trendy accessories. Reminded me of the Queen and Eva Peron in a good way.
W: Waistlines - I've never seen so many tall and skinny people gathered in one place sipping on designer water and nibbling 'a small salad, please'. Every shape and size is beautiful in their own right but, if you're aiming for Fashion Week prototype, scrimp on the carbs.
X: (E)xcitement - London Fashion Week is just buzzing with energy bouncing off of the fashion obsessed. Get in the mood and join the fun - LFW is about enjoying yourself!
Y: Yellow - as I predicted before, Canary Yellow is big at Somerset House. Wear it with pleats, ankle boots and faux fur.
Z: Zany - be a little eccentric. Go on, give it a go!

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