Friday, 29 January 2016


Girl's Kick Butt Sticker Pack, £10

It's #FabFridayyyyyy! Which means: Number 1) The weekend is in 5 hours, 2) It's payday weekend and 3) I'll be listing my top 5 fash bits you really shouldn't be living without every Friday for the foreseeable future. Brill! What more could you need than an excuse to work off the week's worry with a little post paycheck therapy (for as little as £4, mind you)?

This week I've selected my favourite whimsical accessories from none other than the eccentrically tongue-in-cheek cool kids at Skinny Dip London. Think fairy dust meets teenage wall collage with a hefty helping of cartoon magic and a pinch of get me?

Thursday, 28 January 2016


Since the era of glitter pop, roller disco birthday parties and marabou feather scrunchies - i.e. circa 9 years old - the essence of girl power has always been apparent to me. Whether it was the Spice Girls tearing up London in their double decker bus, the Pink Ladies shimmying across my TV via VCR or C. Diaz and the girls kicking bad guy butt as the reinvented Charlie's Angels, glamorous girl gangs have been inspiring the boss babe in me since I was a youngling. Whilst I won't be showing my appreciation by joining a throng of knife wielding thugs anytime soon - I will be showing off my female ferocity in these sassy snags from High Heels Suicide. Can I get a fist pump?
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