Tuesday, 23 July 2013

GETTING JIGGY WITH IT: Royal Babies vs. Riotous Raving

As much as I am pleasantly delighted for our Prince Wills and Kate, what with them having a new royal son to welcome to Buckingham Palace, I can't help but accept that the ensuing hysteria has been all but lost on me since the announcement yesterday. They're wonderful creatures, babies. Especially when they're not yours and you get to hold them, cooing in delight, until your 5 minute slot is over and you can return to your normal childless duties. So, it is understandable that it seems the whole nation is simultaneously sighing at the thought of a little sovereign prince in a little silky cot. However, it did occur to me that - after witnessing countless displays of baby stalking - we are all investing ourselves far too heavily in a little boy that happens to be just like any other (bar the very large exception of his royal title) and was, in fact, made the same way *cue stifled giggles*. Ok, so maybe picturing the little lad's conception isn't the best way to go about it either but, if we're going to be untiringly chatting about the direct result of some regal rumpy-pumpy, I know which way I'd rather be getting jiggy with it. Babies and blankets are all good and well but I'll stick to throwing shapes on the dance floor.

So, although we still don't know whether we'll be treated to a bank holiday BBQ or not (we may have to make that an indoor affair if the storming doesn't stop), here's my pick of Nelly.com's top 5 party heels. If we don't get to cradle the baby for all of this enthusiasm, we at least deserve a celebratory shop!

1. Black Spiked Heels, £54.95
2. Flouro Pink Wedges, £44.95
3. Neon Lime Courts, £42.95
4. Nude Studded Heels, £44.95
5. Colour Block Chunky Heels, £259.95

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