Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I'm majorly style crushing right now. As in, wide-eyed, heart thumping, mondo crushing on Jessica Virgin of eclectic fashion blog Vintage Virgin. There is nothing I love more than a fierce and fearless fashionista who has no qualms about showing the world that it isn't just celebrities who stomp the streets like a runway. If she ever wears track suit bottoms and spends the evening in with womankind's best friends Ben and Jerry, you wouldn't know.

You see, I've known about Jessica for a while, ogled her punchy style and retreated jealously to my wardrobe in the hopes that something in there might be half as cool as the majority of her outfits. However, since the last time I checked up on her blog, which I must admit has been a while, she's cut off her hair and adopted a slick and feminine new sense of dressing that's got my head reeling. Did I mention she's a stay at home Mum? Extra fash points for declining a free ticket for the Mommy jeans express. For the vintage vixen, that is a ship that has well and truly sailed - by the looks of it, it won't be turning back any time soon.

I'm in fashion love with the way she edges up her sophisticated, structured separates with tough, androgynous accessories and one of the coolest hat collections in the blogosphere. Plus, her tattoos are pretty awesome, if you ask me.

Cool is an understatement.



  1. She has a great style! Thanks for the discovery!



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