Wednesday, 26 December 2012


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Boxing Day: The day after Christmas. Recovering from the turkey comatose and the excess glasses of wine. Sleeping in 'til an ungodly hour and never wanting to look at another Quality Street again. Ever.

Statement fashion is almost out of the question - at least for me. My food baby never allows for it anyway and my aching feet seek solace in the embrace of furry slippers after the statuesque heels of the day before. It's a wonder I ever even make it out of the onesie and into the shower!

Thus, today it's a jeans an t-shirt combo. Black jeans. White t-shirt. Tassel belt. A bright green scarf and quirky sunglasses - perhaps to convince myself that I am in fact doing my part for fashion even if in the lowliest of doses.

Once again, I've gone for a vintage 1950s beauty look today except, this time, it's a much more parred down/casual version. I decided to use the Paris Hilton Natural Beauty lashes (courtesy of Santa) to create a girly, cat-eye look.

The packaging is super cute and feminine - enough to make any girl feel like a pin-up in a powder room - but, to tell you the truth, before taking them out of the box I found the eyelashes to be slightly ominous looking. They seemed really long and a really strange shape - there was something of a drag queen vibe about them. Nonetheless, once they were out of the package, they had a lovely soft texture to them and - unlike a lot of cheap boxed eyelashes - they didn't have that tell tale synthetic shine to them.

As a beginner and someone who begs my friends to put my eyelashes on for me before a night out, I often have trouble putting eyelashes on when they're fresh out of the packet. I find that the band on a lot of boxed lashes is too straight and doesn't follow the natural curve of the eye - an absolute nightmare when glueing down the corners (I had this problem with the Blinx falsies from yesterday's look). On the contrary, the Paris Hilton lashes went on so easily that I was shocked that it was me applying them! I broke my cardinal rule and used the box glue just to see what the quality was like and it's one of the best I have used so far. I had to layer it quite heavily as it's not as thick as the professional glue I'm used to, however, once tacky, it stuck almost as well as my DUO adhesive and I'm yet to see any corners curling.

I would recommend using eyelash curlers once the lashes are in place as, unfortunately, they are unnaturally straight but their shape - which looked so strange in the box - creates a really fun and flirty look. If you're going for a barely there, I'm-actually-wearing-makeup-but-it's-supposed-to-look-like-I'm-not vibe, then I suggest you steer well clear of these. I personally think they'd be best for a date night or cocktails with the girls. And, like I always say, any excuse for cocktails is a good excuse!


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