Thursday, 29 November 2012


What more could a girl aspire to be than a cherry-cheeked, coquettish pin up girl? Well, easily, you could aspire to be the cat that's doing the pose that makes them look like the pin up girl. Lost? Me too. Just read the website.


Tuesday, 20 November 2012


I'm currently obsessed with Lana Del Rey. Her music, her mojo, her aura. Just to look at, she's an aesthetically pleasing product - like an enigmatic, post impressionist painting that you're not sure you get but really want anyway. The high price tag only making it more desirable.

Pop yourself in a room full of women, tea and/or cocktails in hand, and bring up the topic of Lana Del Rey's surgeon. *Controversial crickets* Yes, I know she denies any help from Dr 90210 but we weren't born yesterday. If there's anything Samantha for SATC taught us (apart from how to bag a man, how to use a man, how to ditch a man and how to display general and advanced level fabulousness), it's that no one looks that sensational without a little nip and tuck. I am talking to you progressively growing, bee stung lips. I digress. Pop yourself in a room, personality drinks in hand, and I defy you to find one woman who wouldn't just love to swipe their boyfriend's/husband's/random man from the bar's plastic and request 'The Lana'. If not that, it'd be a full head of hair extensions to recreate that gravity defying barnet that, as a friend described it, "stretches into next week". That, followed by a set of stiletto point acrylic nails and some smoky kohl eyeliner. Done. Lanafied. And absolutely fabulous. 

Confederate Couture - Lana Del Rey
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