Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sound Off: Trend Forecasting - Friend or Foe?

Sound Off 
noun |saʊnd ɒf|
  1. An unofficial rant or discussion about anything and everything in fashion.
In order to have her own opinions heard, a fashion girl must always have a sound off every now and then.

Do you remember the shell suit and 'Hammer pants'? Maybe you're more familiar with bare midriffs circa the rise of Xtina or colorful, velour track suits. If anything, some of you must have fallen victim to the popped collar or the modesty bearing low-rise jeans of the Britney era. If you didn't sport these trends when they were cool, then your fashion sense was about as good as a soggy burrito - either that or you were living under a stone. 

Trends have always been forecasted by celebrities and fashion publications whether in print or online. We've followed them religiously and never questioned a word of it, some of us even sporting a head full of kiddies hair clips because the rise of Manga fashion was on the cards (yes, I've been there). More often than not, we haven't been given a clear enough reason to doubt the powers that be. Unless, of course, you class the whole socks and sandals episode as a crime against humanity. But when does a  fashion advisor become a fashion foe?

A couple of years ago, it was reported that models were altering their teeth to create a gap in the style of Georgia May Jagger's. Allegedly, they were advised to do this in order to make themselves more edgy because gap teeth were all the rage at the time. In fact, a space between the two front teeth was one of the most sought after characteristics in the 2010 casting calls for New York Fashion Week.

Just recently, freckles made their way onto the beauty forecast for summer. Reportedly, Val Garland used eight different eye pencils to create the look at the Jeremy Scott show- meaning that, surely, it must be the hot new thing. Right?

Wrong. Trends become dangerous when they require people to change who they naturally are in order to be 'beautiful'. Instead, should we not celebrate those who are naturally gap-toothed or freckled just as much as those who were born without? Is it really fashionable to draw on our faces or is it all just a bit silly? 

In a society where 'faking it until you make it' is just as common as slicing bread - what with bottled tan, false eyelashes and cheek fillers dominating the market - the general consensus may be that there is no issue with enhancing what you've already got. Needless to say, shouldn't there be a limit to how far we go to be fashionable or are you welcoming these trends with open arms?

Have your say in the comment box below. I'd love to know what you think!

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