Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sound Off: 3/4 Leggings - What Were We Thinking?!

Sound Off 
noun |saʊnd ɒf|
  1. An unofficial rant or discussion about anything and everything in fashion.
In order to have her own opinions heard, a fashion girl must always have a sound off every now and then.

Ok, Fashionistas - own up. How many of you sported 3/4 length leggings 2 or 3 years ago when it was cool? Don't be ashamed, my hand is raised too.  Under dresses, skirts and shorts. On their own with an "oversized" t-shirt... Cutting my leg off at the calf and making my 5'3 frame appear even stumpier!

Ok, I take back the previous statement. We should all be very ashamed!

I hate to be the pretentious fashion girl, scanning the general public for hideous and offensive clothing but when it comes to cut off leggings, I make an exception.

Don't do it, ladies! Not only do they shorten your legs but they're deceptively translucent when you bend over. Whether your pretty, lacy things or granny knickers, I'm indubitably sure that the general public prefers not to see either.

So, let's make a promise - a pact: I solemnly swear on my [insert most expensive shoes in your closet] that I will never ever EVER wear 3/4 length leggings again and, should I find a pair in my wardrobe, I will burn them as an apologetic sacrifice to the fashion gods. Oh and I'll get rid of those granny panties too.

Now, I'm going to leave the subject alone before I go into cardiac arrest but let me know what you think in the comment box below. Are you still kicking it in calf-lengths or are you all for the crusade against the cut-off, stretchy things?

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