Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Music Meets Fashion

Anyone ever listen to their iPod and imagine really cool scenarios in their head? Music videos, catwalk shows, getting married to Joel Kinnaman - I know you've done it! Well, over the years, the music I've listened to has had a huge effect on the clothes I wear and still does. My taste in music is a virtual melting pot of practically anything from folk music to dubstep so I thought I'd have a little fun and share 4 outfits with you that are inspired by what I'm listening to right now. Want to have a go? Put on your favourite song and get creative on Polyvore. I'd love to see your style so leave your links in the comment box below!

212 - Azealia Banks
This song is fierce and punchy with a back beat that makes me want to dance wildly on tables (note to DJ: play at your own risk). Immediately, I was inspired to style studs with neon and a low cut bustier adds a risque edge to the outfit. I would say it represents a modern femme fatale with a slice of androgyny.

212 - Azealia Banks

Ai Seu Te Pego - Michel Telo (the version without Pitbull)
A bit of a random choice I know but it's such an addictive song. When translated into English, the lyrics of the song are super cheeky and certainly make a statement on the part of Michel Telo. For that reason, I chose this silk, printed D&G playsuit to make a statement of my own. The song is all about bawdy, teenage flirtation so I took inspiration from that to create a rebellious, urban look.

Ai Se Eu Te Pego - Michel Telo

Heartbeat - Nneka (Chase & Status remix)
When I make a movie reel for this song in my head, I imagine disgruntled teenagers in leather, lace and heavy kohl revolting in an abandoned parking lot. You know, petrol bombs, flares, graffiti cans and powder paint fights (like those at the sacred Holi festival in India). Doctor Marten brogues give the outfit a clunky, grunge feel whilst an Isabel Marant waistcoat and TIBI lace skirt stay true to the soft, romantic words of the song. This is by far my favourite outfit of the post.

Heartbeat - Nneka (Chase & Status remix)

Bangarang - Skrillex
If you've been watching The Voice UK, you'll know about the face that Jessie J pulls when she approves of something - otherwise known as the grime face or the face that would make your Mum wag her finger and say 'If the wind changes...' Well, this song makes me want to pull that face, fist pump and bob my head until whiplash becomes a dangerous prospect. It makes me think of bad girls and vamps hence the jailbird stripes and a neon jumper nods to the biggest trend on the club scene right now. A studded bumbag, platform trainers and vintage look sunglasses all add to the club kid feel. Calling all hipsters, this one's for you!

Bangarang - Skrillex

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