Sunday, 8 April 2012


I have a newfound love for clothing site Romwe. I've been hearing about it all over the place and, when I finally went on the website last night, I found a pair of loafers that I just can't live without! I ordered them quicker than you can say 'pony hair studs' but you've got to be speedy if you want a pair because apparently there's only 2 left in stock.
When I first saw Christian Louboutin's Rolling Spikes Stud loafers, I fell head over heels. Soon after, I saw a copycat pair on Anoushka Proetta Brandon from Singaporean store The Quiet Riot and I knew I had to have them but they only had the red ones in my size. Now Romwe has stumbled along with the perfect colour and the perfect size and it's undoubtedly a match made in heaven! Can't wait for these to arrive on my doorstep.

P.s. Romwe's got a 20% off promo for newcomers so register now. You won't regret it!

Pictures courtesy of Romwe

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