Monday, 30 April 2012

Fashion Goes Wild For Reptiles!

Snakes to be specific. If you've got an eye for the indulgent, you've probably heard of the silk Lanvin dress adorned with a Swarovski crystal snake. Far from the awkward cringe so often seen in holiday snaps of tourists holding a massive Boa or the overtly sexual image of a crop top clad Britney Spears mimicking the writhing motions of the snake draped around her shoulders, the designer number makes snake charming seem like the next 'It' hobby. If you're anything like the average civilian, reptiles may trigger an involuntary gag reflex but, when they're made of crystals, I think an exception can be made (all in the name of fashion, of course).

However, if the £4,594 price tag doesn't tickle your fancy, has released an almost identical version for less than 10% of the original price!
The copy is so good that some might say it's bordering on blatant plagiarism but, at a bargain of £75, it's an offer many fashionistas will find hard to pass up. Will you be getting your hands on the Lanvin-a-like? You best hurry as this one's set to fly off of the shelves!

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