Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Feline Frenzy

Meow, Fashtopia. Print is getting a makeover and it's growing claws. Cats have been influencing everything from razor sharp nails to eyeliner flicks and now they're all over our clothes. Normally, that would call for a lint roller and a hefty dose of Febreze but, luckily for those of us who are less partial to fluff, we can embrace this trend hair free. Victoria Beckham went animal friendly using cat print all over her collection. Miu Miu joined the trend, even going as far as cat-printed clogs! Now, the high street is jumping on the band wagon with cats popping up everywhere from M&S to Debenhams. For someone who's not a cat lover, I've typed the word 'cat' far too many times in one post. Still, I'm finding it hard to resist the fabulous feline shift (it's super similar to VB's original design) at Celeb Boutique. It's enough to make any fashion girl purr. 
Victoria Beckham
Miu Miu
Celeb Boutique

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